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Sony Camera Flashes

The flash is one of a photographer’s most useful camera accessories. Sony makes a variety of flashes with different outputs and features.

Camera Flashes

Camera flashes are an essential accessory for many photographers. They make indoor photography easier, allow you to use higher shutter speeds to freeze motion and make it easy to control the direction from which your light is coming. While many cameras feature a built-in pop-up flash, external flashes provide more versatility and more power. For example, the built-in flash found on Sony’s A6500 has a guide number of 6, meaning that it would illuminate a subject 6 metres away with an aperture of f/1. For comparison, Sony’s compact F20M external flash has a guide number of 20.

Shoe Mount Flashes

Sony shoe mount camera flashes are designed to attach to the Multi Interface Shoe found on Sony DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. They link into the camera’s own electronics so that they can be fired automatically upon shutter activation. Sony’s Multi Interface Shoe flashes can be angled in order to bounce the flash off surfaces for more diffuse lighting from different directions. Many of them can also be linked wirelessly to off-body flashes for synchronised firing, allowing photographers to take advantage of multi-source lighting.

Off-Body Flashes

Multi Interface Shoe flashes are very useful camera accessories, but off-body flashes also have their own advantages. First, using an off-body flash frees up the Multi Interface Shoe for other accessories, such as an external microphone or a clip-on LCD monitor. It also gives you much more control over your lighting as you can place light sources anywhere instead of solely on the camera. Many of Sony’s Multi Interface Shoe flashes are also useable as off-body flashes. They can either be synchronised to a camera-mounted flash acting as a master flash or grouped and controlled using a dedicated remote control.

Other Sony Camera Accessories

Camera flashes are far from the only camera accessories that Sony makes. The Multi Function Shoe makes Sony cameras extremely adaptable, and they can easily be equipped with external microphones, clip-on monitors or vertical grips. Sony also makes a variety of tripods as well as a selection of camera bags and carrying cases.

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