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Sony Car Audio In-Dash Units

Sony Car Audio In Dash Units

With a Sony car stereo in your dashboard, you can listen to a favourite radio program, CD or other media as you commute to work or travel. The innovative manufacturer is passionate about making their products exciting by using technology to improve a buyers entertainment experience. For example, Sony combines high-quality components with DSD (Direct Stream Digital) playback technology so CDs have a higher-resolution sound played through your Sony car audio unit.

Sony CD Players

A double din Sony car audio in dash CD player means the faceplate is twice the height of a single din unit. Normally, that means youll have access to more features such as Bluetooth, voice commands or steering wheel controls. When your player has a dual Bluetooth feature you can connect one or two mobile phones to navigate a playlist or receive hands-free calls. Depending on the model, youll be able to connect your phone wirelessly or with a cable. Additionally, most Sony LCD screens have 5 times the contrast compared to traditional screens and an optimised angle for better viewing.

Sony Digital Media Receivers

When you prefer keeping your CDs at home, a Sony digital media receiver in dash unit without a CD player ensures you can use your electronic gadgets instead. Plug in your iPod to a dedicated connection or use a USB port to connect a MP3 player or memory storage device. You can also use the auxiliary input to use any playback device via a 3.5 mm cable.

Sony Car Radios

Another preferred media choice is a Sony car radio in dash unit. The AM/FM tuner connects you to your favourite channel while you can listen to the same programs using the built-in HD tuner to improve sound quality. Most radio units also play CDs, MP3s and WAVE files. Youll have access to the same mobile phone features available in players and receivers along with inputs and 6-channel stereo preamp outputs.