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Sony Digital Cameras

Sony Digital Cameras

Sony has a wide array of digital cameras to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can find a model that fits. Each camera shares the same basic structure, a body and the lens. In some cases, the lens is fixed on the camera body, but for other models, you can swap lenses, which gives the user more control over what they intended to capture. Sony’s lineup consists of three main camera types, which are the DSLR’s, the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, and the point and shoot cameras.

DSLR Range

On the Sony digital DSLR camera, the body is the brain of the camera as a whole. This is where most of the settings and adjustments are in terms of deciding what type of image you want to capture. In most cases, the body will have a large LCD display on the back, and in others, the LCD screen can swivel out for better angled views. The DSLR has a wide range of lenses that can capture the most minute detail to grand landscapes. These models also have the capability to capture up to 4k quality videos.

Mirrorless Range

One of Sony’s newest lineups is the mirrorless range. This model has the compact feel of a point and shoot with the power and capability of a DSLR. Like the DSLR, most of the capabilities and functionalities are located in the body of the camera. The lenses are more compact than the DSLR lenses, but are just as effective in capturing the moment in the right way.

Point and Shoot Range

The Sony point and shoot digital cameras include an array of models that fit any budget. The user will still get a quality shot at a great value. All parts of these cameras are fixed on the body. While, the zoom feature is limited in range, there is still enough quality zoom to get a good shot.

Sony Digital Camera Accessories

With your new Sony camera, having the right accessories will be crucial to the longevity of the product. Everything from camera bags, batteries and lens accessories allows you to enhance, store, and power your device.