Easy to install focal lenses for Sony

Sony has developed a lens mount system for its NEX and ILCE series of camcorders and mirrorless cameras. The E-mount system is designed with less mechanical complexity, taking away the requirement for mechanical aperture and focus drive. It also allows the flange focal distance to be reduced down to 18mm, which is a considerable improvement on the previous 44.5mm. Ultimately, it will allow Sony to create more compact imaging devices like lenses, but keep them compatible with 35mm sensors.

The good news for photo enthusiasts using one of these Sony cameras is that eBay has a whole range of compatible lenses that you’ll be able to easily fit and use. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur who loves their hobby, these focal and zoom lenses will let you get so much more out of your craft.

Lens types galore

If you’re using any of Sony’s awesome cameras that use the E-mount system, you’re going to love the range of lenses on offer here at eBay. The fact is, it just depends on how seriously you take your photography when deciding how many lens attachments you want. Many people want fixed or prime lenses, while others enjoy a bit more flexibility.

You can find wide-angle prime lenses, zoom lenses for those important close-ups, as well as plenty of manual and autofocus lenses. These are terrific for capturing motion such as sporting events, live music or even just things from everyday life. Whatever you need, you’ll find something compatible with the E-mount system!

Mix and match

The beauty of the E-mount system is the ability to quickly remove and replace lenses. For example, if you’re using an autofocus lens and you want to switch it out for a manual focal lens, you can do it quickly and easily without hassle. If you want to make your photography life easier, then start browsing this great selection of lenses today!