Sony Handycams

All modern smartphones come with a video camera option, but these cameras offer just a fraction of what you can get with a Sony Handycam device. Sony's specialsed video cameras or camcorders offer a range of features which justify carrying them around as an extra piece of electronics. Sony Handycams have been around for a while, which means that there are plenty different models to choose from.

Video Quality

The first thing you need to choose on any video camera is the recording or video quality. Higher quality means more pixels per frame, more frames per second, more megabytes per minute and a greater price tag as well. If you just want to create short clips to share with your friends on social media, a standard definition Sony Handycam will provide you with just about all you need. High definition Sony Handycams are more advanced and they deliver professional-grade shapness which is excellent for capturing your vacations, wedding and other monumental life events. Going one tier up to ultra-high definition models is recommended only for amateur and professional filmmakers.

Digital and Optical Zoom

Sony Handycams are bulkier compared to smartphones, but that allows them to include a more powerful lens system. Optical zoom is valued a lot more than digital zoom as it doesn't degrade the image quality. You can find Handycam models which have over 70x optical zoom, which is extremely useful when filming outdoors. Most Sony camcorders offer a combination of optical and digital zoom, however, focus on the optical zoom when making a choice, as the digital is only used as backup.

Optical and Digital Stabilisation

Everyone's hand shakes at least a little bit, so stabilisation technology in digital recording is also extremely important. Digital stabilisation is achieved by software rearrangement of pixels to compensate for the shaking. The more your hand shakes, the more a camera needs to compensate, which in turn might result with a compromised image quality. Higher-grade optical stabilisation is achieved by internal movement of the lenses. This comes extremely handy when trying to film on larger distance, as even a small movement over 70x zoom feels like an earthquake.