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Sony LED TVs

Sony LED TVs

Sony Televisions offer a wide range of products to suit your home. From sleek Ultra HD smart TVs to create the best viewing experience for the whole family, to smaller options for other rooms in the house like the bedroom, you will find something to suit your needs. The Sony televisions have multiple inputs like HDMI so you can connect your devices. The LED TVs are backlit to provide better contrast and have a good dynamic range so that colours look more accurate.

HD Options

Sony TVs are available in Full HD and Ultra HD for the ultimate high definition experience. Sony televisions use LED technology which gives a good picture quality and immersive experience. Ultra HD provides excellent colours and contrast which makes the images appear very lifelike. Your favourite movies and tv shows will look excellent on an Ultra HD or Full HD tv and the Sony Bravia range includes 4K options and new televisions to complement your home.

Smarter TV For Your Home

Smart TVs are very convenient as they offer streaming services and smart services to make your life easier. You can watch your favourite shows and movies with your mates from on-demand streaming services or enjoy local TV any time you like. You can access the internet and use a variety of applications for streaming and video.


LED TVs are a good choice for your home if you would like your TV to be thinner and use less power than a LCD TV. They are useful for gaming and movies because they are highly responsive, plus they can be enjoyed by the whole family as they offer a wide viewing angle.

Sleek Design Fits In With Your Home

The Sony televisions offer sleek and simple designs which fit seamlessly into your home. This means that they can complete a number of different aesthetics and styles. From large 65” styles to smaller 32-40” styles, there is something for every room and situation.