Sony MP3 Player Headphones & Earbuds with Noise Cancellation


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Listen to music undistracted with noise cancelling headphones

Want to listen to your favourite bands without having to turn the volume up to the highest level due to outside interference? Now you can, with Sony MP3 player headphones and earbuds with noise cancellation.

Whether you’re on a loud train or on a road trip with noisy family members and unable to escape, these engineered sound cancellation headphones will make you feel like you are miles elsewhere. Simply plug into your Sony MP3 player and block out your surroundings as you relax to just the sound of your music.

Sony MP3 headphones vs earbuds – what’s better for me?

While headphones and earbuds perform the same function, they come in all shapes and sizes to suit your taste and level of comfort. There are many benefits to either style, so it really does depend on your preferences.

Headphones: what’s good about them?

Around-ear, in-ear or circumaural – there’s three major types of headphones. Whiile around-ear will cover the entire surface of your ears, in-ear or circumaural will leave a bit of space. All feature extra padding, which traps the sound waves in.

Earbuds: what’s good about them?

Earbuds on the other hand are a lot more portable but can be prone to being misplaced. When positioned right, they fit snugly into the ear and won’t fall out – even while you’re jogging. They’re perfect for when you don’t want to lug around headphones or be inconspicuous as you listen to music.

Music is meant to be enjoyed and experienced without interruptions. For your complete music experience, shop online on eBay now for the biggest range of Sony MP3 player headphones and earbuds with noise cancellation, as well as personal CD players, MP3 players and more.