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Gaming on the go with Sony’s PSP

The first Sony PSP first came to the market in 2004. At the time, the PlayStation 2 ruled the world and Sony thought they’d take advantage of this to hit the market with a new product that was portable and easier to use on the go. In the years that followed, Sony released a number of models. Though they enjoyed high popularity in Japan, the systems failed to make a big splash around the world. Eventually, this led to their downfall and Sony stopped making them.

Although they are no longer manufactured, eBay has a vast range of these old-style game consoles to choose from.

The models

There are four models of PSP available – the 1000, 2000, 3000 and the PSPgo. The differences between these isn’t significant, but the original model would eventually slim down, with later additions featuring a microphone and new screen. The PSP-3000 has the brightest screen, which makes the graphics a little better than its predecessor, the PSP-2000. In saying that though, the PSP-2000 is much easier to find online and include bundles such as the “God of War” and the “Madden”.

Making a comeback

While no new Sony hand-held systems have been shipped since 2014, "old-school" devices are enjoying a resurgence. Now is a great time to buy yourself a new handheld device and join the craze! There was a whole decade of editions and games to enjoy on the PSP, so find the one for you and start playing away!

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