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Got one to sell?

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Sony PlayStation 1

The Sony PlayStation (or PS1) was a trailblazer in the home video-gaming industry and was an extremely big seller from the moment of its first release in Japan in 1994 until its discontinuation in 2006. This video game console set out to become a household favourite, and it succeeded wildly.


The original PlayStation 1 game console was the first gaming system to popularise using CD-format games instead of cartridges. Popular games for the PS1 included Tomb Raider, Top Gun, Formula 1, Frogger, Final Fantasy and many more. Many of the platform’s games also work across the different PlayStation console versions.


Not only can you play official PlayStation games on this console, but you can also play music CDs. Later PlayStation console generations also allow for the playing of DVDs and Blu-ray discs. PlayStation controllers were more symmetrical than other controllers of the time and offered gamers the ability to play with both thumbs simultaneously. Since its release, the controller hasn’t changed much, though many modern versions contain DualShock technology that allows gamers to feel vibrations according to what is happening in the game.


Keeping your PlayStation 1 console protected is necessary considering that it is now considered a vintage gaming system, so look for carrying cases with handles and built-in cushioning to keep it safe from dust and bumps. You can find both hard and soft cases to fit your needs. Power leads, video leads and memory cards are also a must-have for any game system, and make sure to choose a memory card with enough storage to accommodate the types of games you play. Additionally, the original PlayStation 1 console is semi-portable with an LCD screen add-on.


The PlayStation 1 console made way for the PS2, the PS4 and others. Each system offers more technology, features and capabilities than its predecessor, but for nostalgic gamers, having a PS1 in their collections is certainly an asset.

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