Sony PlayStation 1 consoles: gaming fun with retro gaming

Sony PlayStation 1 consoles have been available in Europe since 1995-quickly bringing unprecedented success to the company. With over 100 million units sold, the PS1 Sony established itself as a brand in the world of PC games and video games. This is mainly due to the large number of games and the high quality of the most popular titles. Sony relied on CDs as a storage medium, unlike competitor Nintendo, which can store much more data and even play elaborate video scenes. If you are interested in older video games, Sony PlayStation 1 consoles are highly recommended to you for that reason. Get to know the diverse offerings right away.

What classics for Sony PlayStation 1 consoles are absolute highlights?

No matter what genres amaze you, Sony PlayStation 1 consoles help you quickly discover suitable titles. There are plenty on offer especially for action and adventure fans, such as the Tomb Raider adventures starring Lara Croft or horror games like The Resident Evil range. In addition, the Grand Theft Auto or GTA series made its debut on Sony PlayStation 1 consoles. Excellent entertainment also awaits roleplayers who are as well-advised with titles such as Final Fantasy as racing and motor racing trailers. If you want to race exciting races on your own or with friends, Need for Speed or Gran Turismo are some of the highlights for the PS1.

What accessories should you have for Sony PlayStation 1 consoles?

If you are looking to enjoy many hours of gaming fun with Sony PlayStation 1 consoles, check out video game accessories as well. Before you can get started with action games or role-playing games, it is imperative that you have a memory card. This backs up the memory states that cannot be written to the CDs. Optimal are multiple memory cards at once, so you always have ample storage space at your fingertips. Last but not least, multiple controllers are a must so that nothing gets in the way of joint gaming with Sony PlayStation 1 consoles.