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PS3 Video Game Controllers and Attachments

The PS3 and its PS3 controller is a way of playing video games. Choosing the right PS3 video game controllers and attachments for your needs will make for a better gaming experience. Those who are interested in buying parts for their PS3 will need to understand a few important considerations.

How can you ensure your PS3 controller runs properly?

The typical PS3 controller does not need much maintenance. However, you may want to occasionally perform some of the following steps to ensure it continues to operate properly:

  • Change your batteries: Try to change your batteries once every few months. This action is necessary for PlayStation 3 wireless models.
  • Blow dirt out of the cord: Blow any dirt out of the PlayStation 3 controller connection. This step will make it easier to hook up to your system.
  • Turn off the Dualshock 3: Every once in awhile, it is a good idea to turn off the Dualshock 3. Shutting it down gives it an occasional beneficial break, especially if the Dualshock is heavily used.
  • Wipe it down with a proper cleaner: Carefully wipe the surface of your PlayStation 3 remote down occasionally. Find cleaners that are approved for use with electrical items. This helps to avoid stains on the surface of the remote. It also helps keep the electronics operating properly for years.
What models are available?

There is the official Sony model, as well as different aftermarket options. There are variances in types. There are wired controllers that plug directly into the system. There is also the wireless type that makes use of batteries. Most should have the DualShock installed, though this option can be turned off.

What colours are available?

Most Sony PlayStation devices come in several different colours. The most common of these is black. However, you can also find colours such as red or white. Black matches the colour of the system.

It is also possible to find clear models that let you see the interior electronics. They will operate just the same as black or controllers of other colours.

When is it beneficial to buy one of these components?
  • When a replacement is needed: When a model breaks down, you are going to need new controllers or attachments to resume playing on your system.
  • For collecting: You can purchase extra items like these for display purposes.
  • To have extra on hand: If extra controllers and attachments are purchased ahead of time, there will be no wait to play if an old component breaks down.
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