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What You Need to Know About Sony PlayStation 4 Video Game Controllers

The PlayStation 4 video game console offers gaming enthusiasts several different ways to play their favorite games. From the iconic DualShock controller to the motion-sensing wand, these affordable, preowned PS4 controllers on eBay are backed by sophisticated technology and responsive inputs. Most PS4 controllers are wireless.

Reasons to buy used PS4 controllers

PS4 owners may have several different reasons to buy a used controller. If your previous controllers are showing signs of wear, then you may need to purchase a replacement version. Or maybe, you want to play local multiplayer with up to four people; then, you will need to purchase additional controllers. Finally, you might be interested in collecting limited-edition controllers with a unique colour scheme or decals. Many of these limited-edition controllers are based on gaming franchises such as “God of War.”

What are the main types of PS4 controllers?

Reliable PS4 wireless controllers generally fall into different categories that game enthusiasts can choose from.

  • DualShock 4: The DualShock 4 is the primary controller of the PlayStation 4, so it will work for nearly all games. The controller features six-axis motion-sensing capabilities, a built-in light bar that's mostly used for player identification in games, a touchpad, rumble technology, and a dedicated share button for uploading screenshots and video. The DualShock 4 communicates wirelessly with the system through Bluetooth technology. A rechargeable battery pack is built-in. You can recharge the battery through the included micro-USB cable.
  • PlayStation Move: The PlayStation Move is Sony’s primary motion-sensing controller. Resembling a remote control, the Move contains an internal inertia sensor to detect motion. When combined with a PlayStation camera, it can also track the user’s position around the room. The Move is compatible with specially designed motion-sensing games. It can be used in conjunction with the PlayStation VR headset as well.
  • Other PS4 Peripherals: Other types of controllers include steering wheels, arcade sticks, or controllers shaped like musical instruments. These controllers tend to have very specific uses. Racing enthusiasts will benefit from the more accurate and realistic experience of a steering wheel and/or pedals.
Which video game systems are compatible with PS4 controllers?

PS4 controllers are compatible with the entire PlayStation 4 family, including the standard PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 Slim, and the PlayStation 4 Pro. It is also possible to use your PS4 controller to play PC games though a little bit of setup is required.

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