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PlayStation Vita Memory Cards

One of the main limitations of the PlayStation Vita is the lack of onboard storage; luckily there is a way around that with PlayStation Vita memory cards. Specifically designed for the Vita, a 64 GB Sony memory card expansion pack offers additional capacity to store game saves and downloads so you can take full advantage of your Vita.

Using Memory Cards

To use a memory card with your PlayStation Vita, first power off the console. Like most video game memory cards and expansion packs, you should only insert or remove the Vita memory card when your Vita is off. Removing the card while the system is using it can cause you to lose all your data, so be careful.

Memory Card Limitations

One thing to consider when looking for a Vita memory card is that it is only compatible with official Sony memory cards. The console performs a check every time you insert a card, and it will not read any other cards. Also, once you connect to the PlayStation Network, you link your card to your account. Once your data is on it, no one else can use it because the card is only accessible on machines linked to the same account.

PlayStation Vita Advantages

Once you have a memory card in your Vita, you can take full advantage of all the console's features, including remote play. With remote play, you can stream games from your PS4 to your Vita, so you don't have to sit in front of the console to take advantage of its games library. It even supports remote play from some PS3 games. All you need is a fast Wi-Fi connection.

Memory Card Sizes

The big memory question is how much memory do you need? For most people, the basic 4 GB card probably isn't enough. Going up to a Sony 16 GB memory card usually provides a pretty good balance between capacity and price so you can get the most out of your portable console.

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