Sony Professional Video Cameras


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Sony Professional Video Cameras

Professional video cameras are a lot more affordable than they once were and that has created many new video related professions. Video has flourished as a medium and everyone from a professional YouTuber to an independent filmmaker wants to shoot in excellent crisp-clean format. Sony professional video camera models come in several variations, so look for the features most important for your use scenario.

Video Quality

In an era where 2K and 4K videos are largely accepted, filming with Full HD video cameras is still an excellent option. Professional Sony HD video cameras deliver an excellent user experience that cannot be matched by an amateur camera filming in the 2K format. The filming technology included is also very different, giving the professional models a huge advantage with low-lighting, high-speed, slow-motion and other use scenarios. If you need to shoot something for the big screens, opt for professional Sony video cameras that can create a 4K video. The 4k format will deliver a similar experience as a 35mm film, though the two mediums are very different, one recoding in dots and the other in grains.


Even with the best optical stabilisation available, filmmakers often use a tripod to secure a stable shot. All Sony professional video cameras can be mounted onto a tripod, but some come with the tripod included in the set. If your main use is tripod-mounted, consider purchasing the tripod that comes with the camera. The tripod dock which is included on all Sony models will even enable advanced uses such as combining the camera with a crane for shots from above.

Directed or Surround Sound

The microphone on all Sony professional video cameras is outside the camera itself and can be replaced. However, you should still pay attention to the standard microphone that comes with the camera you purchase. Choose a directed microphone if your camera use is podcast or interview oriented. The directed microphone focuses on sound in the direction you are filming, effectively avoiding the background noises. If you wish to capture the whole sound ambient, opt for a microphone designed to capture surround sound. All professional cameras can capture multi-channel sound, so the sound you record mostly depends on the microphone itself.