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Sony VAIO Laptop Batteries

So your Sony VAIO laptop battery died. You can tell because it works just fine when plugged in, but when you pull it out of the socket, everything goes dark. Most laptop batteries have a 3- to 4-year lifespan, so if this is happening to your three-year-old 'lappy', then it's perfectly normal. Some can conk out early though, but thankfully, batteries are user replaceable, especially on computers that use external battery packs.

6-cell Laptop Batteries

Some VAIO laptops like the VAIO E series use a 6-cell battery pack. External laptop batteries are basically arrangements of high capacity batteries enclosed in a housing specific for your laptop model. Inside the housing are other support electronics, such as voltage regulators, temperature measurement devices, and so on. These are all necessary because these types of batteries throw out a lot of energy in the event of failure. Don't let that scare you though, because unless you drill a hole through your battery pack, the electronics inside keep the assembly well-regulated. If yours needs a replacement, get a Sony VAIO 6-cell laptop battery to get your powered up and portable again.

Internal Battery Packs

While external battery packs were the trend back then, people have been leaning toward slimmer devices, especially in smartphones. Slim laptops and smartphones have internal batteries, typically Lithium Ion (Li-ion). Li-ion batteries can come in any shape, so it is the norm for small electronics and ultra slim laptops. So if you have a Sony VAIO SVS13125CNW, you are likely going to have to open the laptop and replace the battery from there. Thankfully, Sony 4-cell laptop batteries are easy to replace as removing the backplate is all you need to do to expose the internal battery.


It may be confusing to look at all the information on your battery’s label, but all you really need to know is the model number of the battery. It's also helpful to include the specific laptop model alongside your search to ensure you find the right kind of battery.

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