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Sony VR Headsets

Sony VR Headsets

Sony VR headsets immerse you in a world of three-dimensional gaming like never before. The 1080p screen fits right over your face so you can see everything up close and personal. Just plug your PS4 VR headset into your gaming console to enjoy a whole new world.

What is VR?

VR, or Virtual Reality is a way for gamers to create the illusion they are actually inside the game. Sony uses the following components to achieve VR:

  • Headset: The Sony PlayStation VR headset uses a screen right in front of your eyes to create a 3D stereoscopic image that moves when you do.
  • Camera: The camera accessory tracks your controller and virtual reality headset so the game knows where you are.
  • Controller: While you can use any Dual-Shock controller with VR, the Playstation Move controller is only for VR.

Using VR with the PlayStation 4

One advantage of Sonys PS4 VR solution is that you can put your VR experience on the TV screen for your friends to watch. Do play while sitting down and dont forget to take frequent breaks, as it can be extremely immersive.