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Soundcraft Pro Audio Mixers

An audio mixer, also known as mixing console, is an important component when it comes to managing either a recorded or live event sound. A mixer works with the microphone to maintain a high level of the desired signal while minimizing the noise level.

What Are the Different Soundcraft Pro Audio Mixer Series?

  • Ui Series: This series is loaded with a HARMAN signal processing, Lexicon and DigiTech. Also, Ui Series consoles boast cross-platform compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Linux. They can use up to 10 control devices at once.
  • Signature Series:Soundcraft Signature Series consoles come with Soundcraft’s iconic Ghost mic preamplifiers and therefore able to deliver extraordinary audio quality.
  • Vi Series: This line of consoles represents the culmination of the great achievements and rich features provided by Soundcraft Pro Audio. They’re easy to use, since each control has clear labels as to their functions.
  • Spirit series: Consoles from this family have full-featured bus desks that make use a comprehensive range of professional control as well as routing facilities.
  • Notepad Series: In addition to host features, these mixers have both professional-grade analogue components and built-in USB audio interface that you can use with your preferred PC or Mac editing software.