South Australia Stamps

Stamp Collecting

Philately, more commonly known as stamp collecting, attracts people from far and wide. In fact, people all over the world collect stamps Some people might inherit one from a close relative and know little about it, while many others enjoy it as a hobby. In either case, expanding the collection to pass down to a loved one or simply to enjoy hunting and acquiring rare or thematic stamps can prove to be an exciting and fun activity for kids and adults alike.

Australian Stamps by State and Territory

Part of the joy of stamp collecting also comes in building up and organising your stamps by theme, motif, location, event, or otherwise. In particular, there are plenty of Australian postal stamps by state and territory to consider collecting. The options range from stamps from Victoria and Tasmania to Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, and more.

South Australian Stamps

Perhaps some of the oldest and most sought-after stamps are ones from the South Australian region. Some date back to 1855 and are extremely rare; these make for an impressive addition to any Aussie stamp collection. Plus, they also offer a small window into the past and could be a fun starting point to discover more about Australias history. Search through the available Victoria State stamps encompass several different themes, such as architecture, royalty, trains, ships and boats, nature, flowers, and space. Depending on what you fancy, you have many options to choose from and ways to sort your collection.

New South Wales

New South Wales stamps also encompass a variety of motifs and themes. These stamps are also very rare and represent a wide range. From trains and railroads to royalty and architecture, the options are endless.