Spare Wheel Bracket

Spare Wheel Bracket Trailer Parts

You wouldn’t travel anywhere in your car without a spare tyre, and you shouldn’t go anywhere without a spare trailer wheel either. But where do you put one? Our spare car tyres go in the boot of our car, but a trailer wheel carrier needs to sit on the front trailer axis or attach to the side or back.

How Do I Attach a Spare Wheel Bracket?

You can find sets with the trailer parts you need in order to attach your spare trailer wheels. These trailer kits should include the bracket and parts to securely attach it, often along with instructions. You will need to purchase the spare tyre separately.

Where Should I Attach It?

This will ultimately depend on the type of trailer you have and what you use it for. If you load your trailer from the rear then it is better to attach the bracket to the side of the trailer. Boat trailers will need to have a spare wheel at the front of the trailer and you can find  the appropriate boat trailer parts to be able to secure the spare wheel effectively without disrupting the loading and unloading of your boat.