Speed Ball

Speed Ball

Boxers and mixed martial arts fighters spend most of their time training rather than being in actual matches. While some of this training involved combat against other fighters, much of the work that is done is solo work in order to develop punching and kicking prowess, speed, coordination and defensive skills. One item that helps with several aspects of fighting is a punching bag, such as speed ball or speed bag, which helps create muscle memory for punching and helps improve punching speed and power.

What types of speed balls are there?

Speed balls are available in three different styles:

  • Hanging speed ball
  • Freestanding speed ball
  • Double-end speed ball

Hanging speed balls hang from a platform that hangs from the ceiling via a bracket or platform. A freestanding speed ball sits atop a poll that is connected to a weighted base. A double-end speed ball is connected to straps on the top on the bottom that can be anchored to the floor and ceiling. Most bags are made of leather but vinyl and rubber are options as well.

What else is needed to use a speed ball?

The most important piece of equipment needed for using a speed ball are boxing gloves and hand wraps to protect the fighters hands. Other items to consider include headgear, mouthguards and apparel and accessories like boxing shorts and shoes.