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Speedo Swimming Goggles

Swimming Goggles

Do you love to swim but find salt and chlorine in the water to be harsh on your eyes? Speedo swimming goggles will protect your eyes and allow you to see clearly in the water. Speedo also offers a range of Speedo sport swimwear, which can help you in perfecting your swim style and match your favourite swimming idols. Whether you love to have fun in the water or like to beat your best lap times in the pool, speedo swimming goggles, swimwear and accessories will help you enjoy the water in comfort.

Prescription Goggles

Swimming goggles can be fitted with prescription lenses allowing you to see in and around the pool and waterways, especially if you do not like to wear contacts while swimming. This means that you can have the joy of seeing everything in and out of the water with clarity, without wondering if your contacts will fall out or move around while enjoying some pool time.

Mirrored Filter Lens

Swimming goggles have a mirrored filter lens finish to help reduce glare off the surface of the water from the bright summer sun. Not only will you be able to see underwater, but you can avoid the harsh glare of the sunlight when you come up to the surface, like wearing a comfortable pair of sunglasses. Some swimming goggles also have a UV protection rating helping to ensure your eyes are protected from the suns rays. They also have an antifog coating so you will never have to worry about your swimming goggles fogging over and interrupting your vision.


Swimming goggles are designed to be comfortably suited to the shape of your eyes and sit snugly around your face so that no water will enter the lenses whilst having fun in the water. They have a rigid hard frame to create the watertight seal and a low profile to keep them against your face. They are designed to be comfortable enough that you may forget you are wearing them at all. You may also like to pair your swimming goggles with other accessories such as a Speedo swimming cap to ensure your hair stays dry while gliding through the water.