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Spektrum Hobby RC Receivers and Transmitters

Spektrum is a daughter company of Horizon hobby that was founded entirely on the back of a single, game-changing innovation in the field of radio-controlled vehicles: digital spectrum modulation. This technology offers better signal resolution and way less interference when you’re racing your radio-controlled cars, helicopters and planes. Spektrum has expanded and innovated further since 2004, and while they now also make servos and several accessories, their flagship product is still their advanced range of model RC electronics and radio controls.


Besides the flagship digital spectrum modulation feature, Spektruck RC transmitters, when paired with Spektrum RC receivers, also feature some of the following: servosync, modelmatch, AVC, SmartSafe, and more. Servosync is a feature that synchronises the movement of the servos in your vehicle, which increases response and prevents undue wear and tear from misaligned servos. Modelmatch is a must for anyone with more than one vehicle to a radio. Modelmatch checks whether the control profile you have selected on your radio matches the unique ID of the transmitter on the vehicle you’re trying to control. Whereas normally it would allow you to take off and then quickly crash as all of the controls are mapped wrong, with Modelmatch it simply won’t start until you’ve selected a control profile that matches the model, saving a lot of heartache and time. AVC stands for advanced model control, and introduces a range of smart features that allow you to focus on making your vehicle go where you need it to while it takes care of the physics and handling. You can use AVC with virtually any vehicle and be off turning sharper corners at higher speeds than ever before. SmartSafe is a preprogrammed failsafe system designed by Spektrum’s engineers that prevents the motor from suddenly turning on when you turn the receiver on and it also turns the motor off if the signal is lost. This prevents your vehicle from ramming straight into a wall and damaging itself.

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