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Spektrum RC Model Vehicle Parts and Accessories

Spektrum’s story started in 2004, when Horizon Hobby launched its Spektrum technology, which provides fans of RC vehicles with better signal resolution and less interference by modulating the frequency of the signal. At first, Spektrum technology was sold as an add-on to existing radios from top brands so that racers didn’t need to buy completely new radios. This was also done to get the buy-in from the radio-controlled racing community, proving that the technology worked as advertised and laying the groundwork for a range of brand new radios integrating this revolutionary technology. Since then, Spektrum was spun off as a daughter company of Horizon Hobby, and Spektrum has gone on to expand their range to cover other parts of the RC hobby as well.


Spektrum’s range of RC model vehicle parts and accessories is still centred largely around the radio part of radio-controlled, with transmitters and receivers as the main event. Spektrum’s radios also feature other innovations such as multilink, which is a system whereby there are multiple satellite receivers parented to the primary one, so that you don’t lose signal if the signal is bounced back by a reflective surface. Spektrum has never rested on its laurels, and always continues to innovate, improving its RC model vehicle radio controls and electronics every year.

Other Products

Spektrum als makes accessories for your radio, like carry cases and bags. Other accessories for your RC racing include speedometers, Bluetooth modules, phone mounts, or more technical parts like voltage protectors. Spektrum also has a wide range or servos for both air and surface RC vehicles.

By Land and Air

Spektrum’s range encompasses products tailor-made for radio-controlled helicopters, quadcopters, airplanes and surface vehicles. These products are specifically designed and engineered for either land or air and within those ranges there is yet more choice depending on exactly what you need.

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