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Spell has a vision. One of sustainability and style. While many brands aspire to inspire, Spell is working hard to do so. While many brands aim for consciousness, Spell is striving for it. They're putting their money where their mouth is and aiming for the stars when it comes to helping the planet. How do they do it? They measure their impact in every area of their business, from supply chain to footprint and sustainable fibres, from social advocacy to giving back. The data they glean allows them to continuously tweak the operation to improve how they do things.

Their sustainability journey started as a mission to trace the supply chain to include more sustainable fibres, but it grew into an all-encompassing quest. So, when you choose to shop Spell brand clothing, you are actively joining their journey to sustainability. Spell keeps both people and the planet as the focus and sustainability factors into every decision they make.

Sisters Isabella and Elizabeth started the company and all of their designs are created in Byron Bay and from the time pen hits the paper through to delivery it takes a year. There are an awful lot of steps in between.

Women's Spell Designs Dresses

A simple floral tunic, a breezy mid-length boho dress, a playsuit romper or a sundancer gown. There is a wide range of women's Spell Designs dresses to choose from. You will find something for every occasion. Nothing beats a cool, breezy dress to beat the heat. Celebrate in style with a slick crochet design or ready yourself for date night by snagging a mini dress.

When you shop Spell Designs sustainable brand, you support flourishing communities and ecosystems by actively participating in their activities. You're not just buying clothes, you're contributing to the wider community.

Spell Designs Skirts for Women

A leopard print split maxi dress, a kombi maxi skirt, a hanging rock skirt or a wrap. Whatever your skirt preferences, you will find the perfect Spell Design piece to meet your needs. Boho chic is everything, whether you're heading to the beach for a relaxed day or getting ready to chill out at a backyard barbecue, there's a skirt for you. Mini, midi or full-length, whatever the occasion, and a wide range of patterns and designs to choose from.

Spell Designs Women's Shorts

Coyote shorts, black leather tassel shorts, folk town, wanderer, cloud dancer, and wild horses shorts. That's just a small taste of what Spell Design shorts can offer you. Nothing says warm weather like the dawning of shorts season. You want to be ready to welcome the sun and it all starts here, in building your shorts collection.

Of course, shorts don't finish the outfit. That's just a simple starting point to build on. You need accessories to build your outfit, and of course, a top to crown your glory. Speaking of tops…

Spell Tops for Women

There are a wide variety of options on offer from Spell Designs, from tank tops to tees and blouses to bodysuits. It isn't all casual and cool either, Spell has plenty of dressier top designs to carry you through cocktail parties, weddings, and beyond. Whatever your style, you are sure to find a Spell Design top to suit your style, meet your needs, and serve your wardrobe well.

Shop for your body type and choose tops that accentuate it. Half the battle in dressing well and looking good relies on you understanding your body and what enhances it. Do you know what body shape you are? You can figure it out by paying attention to your shoulders, hips, bust area, waist, and bottom. Don't get caught up in one specific area - you need to look at your whole body to figure out your body shape. The best way to do this is to strip to your underwear and look into the mirror with your arms out and your legs together. Once you determine your body type, you can experiment with styles and looks to find the perfect aesthetic to make you look and feel as confident and beautiful as you truly are.

Spell & the Gypsy Collective Tops for Women

If you want to keep it cool and boho chic, then Spell & the Gypsy Collective dresses for women are the perfect choice for you. You can choose from crop tops or opt for a longer length top, whether you plan to pair it with skinny jeans or denim shorts.

Spell & the Gypsy Collective Jumpsuits, Rompers, & Playsuits for Women

A jumpsuit tends to be one piece that incorporates the top and the bottom and is a versatile item of clothing. It's something you can wear to casual events, professional enough to wear to work, and in many cases, you can find formal items perfect for cocktail parties and formal dinners.

For more casual occasions, experiment with a playsuit. It's perfect for beach days, picnics and barbecues, and even just lounging around the house. A playsuit is shorts and a top all in one. While they are ideal for casual occasions, there are plenty of playsuit options that tick all the boxes you need to for a formal event if you're in the summer months.

A romper is the most casual of the options. Like jumpsuits and playsuits, they are a two-in-one item of clothing. You get the top and the bottom as one piece. These are designed to fit loosely because they are designed for maximum comfort. They look great when paired with a belt and suit wear with both heels and sandals. It's possible to dress it up, but it's not for a formal event.

Are you environmentally minded? Then Spell is a must-shop store for you. You don't have to be environmentally minded to shop with Spell, though. All you really need is a love for fashion. It's breezy, cool, and chic. Everything you could ever want from your wardrobe. You can shop the full range right now. You'll find a wide range of options on eBay, there are even plenty of options for little girls.

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