Kitchen Spice Racks

Using spices adds a lot of flavour to your everyday dishes, but it's often hard to keep them all organised. This is where the kitchen spice racks come into play, adding functionality to your cooking station and offering a highly practical way of storing and sorting your cooking accessories. Racks have evolved a lot from the old wooden spice rack and now they come with all sorts of features and designs. Choosing a wall spice rack that fits your kitchen involves a careful consideration of your cooking needs, as well as the space available in the kitchen.

What if you don't have a lot of wall space?

Not all kitchen spice racks require wall space. Some modern rack designs resemble desk-mounted shelves, and are designed to be placed on your countertop. For added stability, there are angle rack designed to be placed in a corner and horizontal racks which will organise your spices neatly in a drawer. Even the doors of your kitchen cabinets are easily turned into spice racks, so there surely is a way to add a rack to every kitchen.

What if a wooden spice rack does not fit your modern kitchen?

Spice organisers have been around for a very long time and have evolved along with the kitchen styles. Choose from various-coloured plastic kitchen spice racks, magnetic spice racks and even multi-functional ones that hold a roll of paper underneath. The combinations of colours, materials, styles and patterns is extremely large, so there is no doubt that one of them is going to match your kitchen.

Are there different benefits to using racks of different materials?

Though the benefits are often tied to the spice organiser design, some benefits do spawn from the materials themselves. Usually, the material choice is between

  • plastic spice racks
  • wooden spice racks
  • metal spice racks

and each type offers unique features. Wooden ones are typically elegant, metal ones are easy to sterilise and plastic ones are generally more affordable ones. Additionally, plastic allows freedom in design, so many plastic kitchen spice racks are expandable. Some metal spice racks are also expandable, but the wooden ones generally come with a fixed storage capacity.