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Spigen Screen Protectors

No matter how cute or sturdy your phone case is, the screen is still subject to the elements or human error. Screens usually get scratched or are the first part of the phone to crack because it is the most breakable part of any phone. It may be made of strong glass, but there are forces that can still damage it. That is why you may want to apply a mobile phone screen protector.

Screen Protectors

Spigen screen protectors are designed to protect only the screen. So, if the phone is dropped or damaged, the rest of it will not be safe. That is why you may need to get a case along with a screen protector. A screen protector must be chosen according to the model of the phone. If you choose the wrong one, your phone may still receive damage on the unprotected parts.


Spigen is known for their GLAS.tR, their own version of tempered glass. They make screen protectors with this material, as well as others such as liquid crystal, PET film and curved glass covers and anti-scratch screen protectors. They offer designs for different phone models, most of which are specifically designed to mimic the phone’s screen shape.


Spigen screen protectors are designed to ward off scratches from sharp objects such as keys, fingernails or other objects it may collide with in your pocket or handbag. They also keep out water from spills as well as moisture from humidity and cool weather. However, they do not protect the other parts of the phone from such issues.

Applying Screen Protectors

The most important thing about applying screen protectors is not leaving any dust or debris on the screen before application. The screen must be cleaned using microfibre cloth to ensure that every piece of debris is removed. Next, the screen protector must be applied from edge to edge. It should be pushed down from edge to edge as well. Lastly, any air bubbles should be pushed out using the cloth you used for cleaning.

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