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Spinner Bicycle Forks

Spinner produces bicycle forks for off-road cycling at a variety of levels, from light trekking to highly technical cross-country and mountain biking.

Bicycle Forks

A bike fork is the piece that attaches the front wheel to the bicycle frame. A typical fork consists of a pair of blades that sit either side of the wheel, a crown that holds the blades together above the wheel and a steerer tube that connects to the frame via the headset. Road bike racing forks are typically rigid without any suspension at all in order to reduce weight and make the bike easier to handle. They are also made from lightweight materials like carbon fibre for the same reasons. However, mountain and trail forks, like the ones made by Spinner, come with suspension systems for handling rough terrain.

MTB Forks

Mountain bike forks are distinct from road bike forks in that they feature suspension systems in order to soften impacts and protect the rider over rough terrain. The suspension systems may feature air springs or coil springs for shock absorption. Air forks are more common, and can be adjusted using volume spacers to change the spring’s damping. However, some Spinner bike forks still use coil springs, which can provide a smoother ride, but the most advanced are air springs.


Different Spinner bike forks come with different design features depending on their intended use. Typically, the rougher the terrain that a fork is intended to tackle, the more travel it will allow. The Aeris 650B - 15 PRO, a cross-country fork, has a travel of 100 millimetres. The Cargo 36 DD, intended for freeriding or downhill riding, has twice that amount. Trail and all-mountain bike forks will have a travel distance somewhere between the two extremes. Travel is also a trade-off: a fork with longer travel will inevitably be heavier, and will also make steering slower. Forks with an extremely long travel may also overtax a frame not designed to deal with them, so putting downhill forks on a cross-country bike can do more harm than good.


As well as different travel lengths, Spinner bike forks come with different additional features designed to increase their performance. Adjustable rebound, as found on the Aeris, controls the speed at which the fork returns to its original length. A lockout system, found on several different Spinner models including the 300, allows the fork’s suspension system to be locked rigid for easier road riding.

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