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Splayd Cutlery

For many people moving into their first home or flat, eating utensils may be one of the most important homeware selections they can make. Since William McArthur invented the original Splayd in Australia in 1943, the product found its way into residences and restaurants in the country and around the world. Many people enjoy using and collecting them, and splayd complete cutlery sets of various styles are available on the market.

Design Features

Splayd utensils have flattened sides that act like knives so that they can cut through soft and semi-hard foods. The cutlery also features four small tines that resemble those on a fork, and the product's scooped ball makes it easy to eat soup with the them. There are no sharp edges on a Splayd that can seriously injure a person, which makes it an ideal eating utensil for young children who may be in the habit of playing with their cutlery.


There are several types of materials popular to use in Splayd construction. Some styles contain wood, while a great number feature stainless metal or plastic materials. Many individuals enjoy Splayd stainless steel complete cutlery sets for their high-quality construction and upscale appearance. Plus, the manufacturer offers an attractive satin-finish or mirror-finish stainless-steel six-piece and eight-piece sets that are dishwasher safe and packaged in luxury gift boxes.


Using Splayd cutlery at outdoor events, such as picnics and street festivals, can be convenient because the design lets a person free up one hand and lowers the risk of plate contents falling. Disposable Splayds are found in many settings, such as barbecues and buffet lunches, because they are inexpensive and easy to use. It is uncommon to find people eating with disposable Splayds at formal events.


William McArthur's versatile cutlery was mass-marketed to the public in 1962 as more and more people chose to eat their meals in front of their televisions. This is one of the reasons that many people have fond memories of spending time with their families and using Splayds when they were children. A number of Splayd designs have been popular over the years, which has led to collectors searching for unique examples to add to their growing collections.

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