Live a life of comfort and class in Splendid clothing!

Splendid is a fashion brand dedicated to providing comfortable and chic clothing to suit any occasion! Splendid is known for their classy and casual signature style, as well as their dedication to comfort and freedom. Offering styles for women, men, and children, Splendid has the whole family covered for stylish and comfortable clothing for every season!
Splendid began with a quest to find the ultimate T-shirt, and from there their philosophy was born. Splendid seeks to bring softness and happiness to people through the clothes they wear. They believe in creating moments and enjoying the little things, and this is reflected in every item of clothing they produce so that you can feel comfortable and at ease to live your best life.

Fantastic Variety

Splendid offers a diverse range of clothing! With a broad spectrum of sizes from a US 0 - 16 for women and US S-XXL for men, Splendid is dedicated to designing clothing that is inclusive of all people, as all people deserve comfort and class. Splendid also has a children's range that includes toddlers and babies. Find your perfect Splendid piece on eBay using the refinement tools to narrow your search. eBay allows you to search Splendid items by size, colour and material, as well as features and style!

Homewares Range

Splendid also offers an extensive homewares range which includes bedding, blankets, pillows and throws. These quality homewares are on-trend and will compliment your Splendid wardrobe. The same philosophy applies, in that Splendid Homewares are dedicated to comfort as well as style in order to make your home the perfect environment to make treasured memories.