Sports awards for every occasion

Looking for medals and trophies for an awards night? Or maybe you’re an avid collector of antique medals? Either way, you’ll find plenty of great items right here on eBay!


There is a big selection of medals on eBay, from blanks that you can engrave yourself through to antiques from years gone by. So, whether you’re a sports club preparing for its end of year function or a collector of sports medals, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.


eBay has a large number of blank trophies which are perfect for sports clubs and other organisation’s awards nights. When the end of season comes around and it’s time to crown your club champions, start shopping right here for sports trophies in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find traditional cup-style trophies and also sport-specific items. For something a little different, you can even find replica Academy Awards which can make any trophy night a bit of fun!

Medal display holders

If you’re a bit of a superstar athlete and don’t have enough space for all your medals, don’t worry. Your problems are over, thanks to the terrific range of medal display holders here on eBay. You can find single, double and three-tiered displays, many of which have a motivational phrase or the name of a sport at the top, so you can choose the display that best suits your achievements. You’ve put in the hard work to win those medals, so now it’s time to display them beautifully in your home.

Antique trophies

If you’re a collector, you’ll find some great items to check out on eBay. As you browse through the list of sports awards, you’ll notice many of them are vintage products. Some can be traced back to the 1930s, offering a serious treat for collectors of sports memorabilia or antiques in general. Some of these rare items come from all over the world, and would surely look great in your collection!