Sport Swimwear

Neither sunbathing on the beach nor swimming for fun requires rocket science swimwear. However, if you compete, you need a whole different kind of swimwear that gives you an edge in the competition. Racing swimsuits have a tight fit, maximise mobility, and reduce drag. Due to their characteristics, they are not for poolside lounging. Fitness swimsuits are for recreational swimming, but not necessarily for racing, while fashion swimwear is the option to go for if you do not plan to swim much. Men's swimwear is simpler, as they usually only require some kind of shorts.

Racing Swimsuits

Special racing or competition swimsuits perform extremely well in the water. They fit much tighter than fashion or fitness swimwear, and this compression is essential at a competitive level. These suits do not incorporate an internal bra or padding, but they do have a streamlined shape that hugs the body and fits tight. Mostly, these suits do not have a lining, although some might include it for added durability. Standard material is performance nylon in combination with spandex. Many suits also make use of chlorine-resistant fabrics, which is important if you swim in the pool a lot. All racing suits are examples of one-piece suit swimwear, mostly with moderate leg openings, high necklines, and high backs or racerbacks to fit securely.

Women's Fitness Swimsuits

A fitness swimsuit is for you if you take your swimming seriously, but do not compete. These suits do not feature as much compression as the racing suits, but still fit snugly and come with improved hydrodynamics. Most fitness swimwear includes added support for comfort, either light coverage for A and B cups from a shelf bra, extra support for C and D cups from a soft cup bra, or maximum support for C-DD cups from an underwire bra. Fitness suits are generally from performance blends, combining nylon and spandex. The suits could be one or two-piece.

Men's Competitive Swimwear

Competitive swimmers typically wear jammers, tight fitting shorts that extend from below the waist to the knees. Aquashorts that cover less leg are also a good choice for competitive swimmers, as they provide a similar performance level to the jammers. Usually, men's competition swimwear makes use of chlorine-resistant fabric that lasts longer.

Men's Swimming Briefs

The briefs are a comfortable and functional option if you want to swim faster and do not want the drag that swimming shorts include. The briefs are from an elastic material and often feature a lining to prevent them from clinging too much. If you want some more coverage, aquashorts extend a bit onto the leg, but still fit tightly.