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Unwrap new treasures or find missing gems with sports cards

The excitement and anticipation that comes with cracking into an unopened pack of sports trading cards is one of the best parts of the hobby. But sometimes it’s better to not leave things up to chance; instead of hoping to pull that key card you’ve been waiting for, you want to just buy it with no worries. With full sets, singles, single packs, boxes and more, there’s plenty of reasons to make eBay your online sports card store.

What are sports cards?

Sports cards were first issued in the mid-1800s, with baseball cards being issued to entice people to purchase cigarettes. At the time, baseball was a booming sport and tobacco companies wanted to take advantage of this. In the mid-1900s, after World War II, they were moved to chewing gum packets, which was more aimed at children who could then trade their cards (or store them in mint condition). They were still mostly baseball at this time, though they soon branched into basketball sets as well (1948 was the first release). From there, the audience, type of cards and design has become much broader, and you’ll find everything from bulk releases to one of a kind sports cards.

Types of sports cards

Today, there are so many different types of sports cards you can collect, including:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Rugby league
  • Soccer
  • Rugby union
  • AFL
  • Nascar
  • UFC
  • WWE
  • Cricket
  • Racing
  • Golf

And so much more.

Are they worth anything? It depends on the card. Some cards can fetch a dollar or two, while others might sell for a few thousand. Your best bet is to do extensive research if you’re looking for valuable cards to keep or resell.

How to buy sports cards with eBay

We have thousands of options from brands that have been around for decades, including Topps, Fleer, Panini, Upper Deck and more. And the variety doesn’t end with the card makers themselves. You’ll find AFL and rugby league cards, basketball cards, soccer cards and more. With autographs, serial numbered cards, rookies and other special editions and inserts, you can land the rarer versions with just a few clicks. 

If your son or daughter loves sport, sports trading cards can be fantastic gifts for boys and girls. For one, the little ones will get a kick out these collectibles related to their favourite teams, leagues and players. But sports cards can also be tremendous teaching tools. The kids can improve their reading, maths and more from the stats and information found on the backs of the cards, not to mention the fun they can have sorting, comparing and trading with mates. 

When it comes to sports collectibles, eBay has you covered. With a giant range of sports trading cards, as well as sports stickers, sets and albums, you can find awesome additions to your collection or somebody else’s. Get digging today