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Sports Zoggs Swimwear

Zoggs Sport Swimwear

Zoggs first entered the market as a manufacturer of sports swimming goggles, but has since expanded its range to include a wide variety of swimming products including Zoggs sport swimwear, accessories, and learn-to-swim tools for adults, children and babies alike.

Learn to Swim

Only a few years ago it was common for young children to be kept out of the water until they reached school age, when swimming lessons would typically begin. Today, Australian parents are embracing the idea that babies as young as four months old can begin to learn to swim. A childs swimming journey typically begins with activities to give the child water confidence and to teach them the basics of pool and beach safety, and will later move to the development of swimming abilities in the young swimmer. Zoggs swimwear caters for children of all ages and sizes, with adjustable swim nappies for even the youngest of children.

Swimming Shapewear

Unfortunately, many women stop swimming after they have children or if they lose body confidence, concerned that they will feel self-conscious in swimwear. Zoggs swimwear for women includes a range of shapewear designed to be supportive and flattering for women of all ages and sizes. Women looking for swimming shapewear may choose Zoggs one-piece swimwear with bust support and foam cups, upper thigh coverage and a high scoop neck. Zoggs one-piece swimsuit options for women are available in sizes 8 to 22.

Choosing the Right Swimwear for Your Shape

With so many types of swimwear available, it can be difficult for women to know the style of swimwear that would best suit their particular body shape. Most people are familiar with the four general body shapes: apple, pear, hourglass and banana, all of which depend on the ratio of your bust, waist and hips. It can be a good idea to know your body shape before choosing a swimsuit, as different styles will flatter different shapes. The general idea is to use ruffles to add volume to an area and a shirred fabric to hide volume. Colours can also help, with bright colours and strong patterns being used to highlight a feature, and solid colours being effective in hiding an area of your body. A one-piece swimsuit is flattering for many body shapes, while mixing and matching two-piece designs can help you create the right womens swimwear for your unique body shape.