Spray Booth

Spray Booth

Spray booths are closed environments that may be pressure-controlled depending on the application. In disciplines like automotive painting, a controlled environment is essential for a professional finish, which is difficult to achieve in open environments where contaminants are everywhere. The benefits also pass onto Mother Nature as spray booths reduce the amount of harmful and toxic fumes from paints and primers entering the outside atmosphere via an air filter.

Automotive Spray Booths

Recent innovations in automotive paint booths have greatly reduced costs, most particularly because of inflatable designs. Now you don’t have to erect a permanent structure dedicated to painting. The principle is similar to bouncy castles, wherein you constantly supply air via a powerful air blower to keep the structure rigid.

Custom Spray Booths

If you plan on putting up your own body shop or simply anticipate frequent spray painting projects, then custom spray booths are likely your best option. They may be configured to have tool cabinets and special electrical wiring for the various tools you intend on using. Operating expenses may also be reduced because unlike inflatable automotive spray booths, this is a permanent structure that can stand the test of time.

Airbrushing Spray Booth

If your projects involve miniature model cars or mecha model kits, then a small airbrushing spray booth may be your best bet. They are typically made of cardboard boxes that stand on their side; an air filter is attached to the back along with an exhaust fan that draws away the toxic fumes from enamel, acrylic or other paints you love using. You can easily DIY these booths, but premade kits are available. Made of sturdy materials, some even feature paint storage and an airbrush maintenance station.