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Spring Bar Tools

Like lathe tools, many people find that spring bar tools are so versatile in the watchmaking and watch repair industry that it is a tool that they would not be without. A variety of watch repair kits and tools are readily available from reputable sellers on eBay.

Which Types of Watches Do Spring Bar Tools Assist in Repairing?

When a watch strap breaks, consumers have the choice of taking the broken item to a watch repair technician or performing the repair themselves. The types of watches that spring bar tools can assist in repairing include:

  • Watches with Metal Link Bands: The spring bar tool typically comes with a large fork on one end that can help get in between various link sizes.
  • Watches with Material Bands: Watches that have material bands, like canvas or leather, can require more delicate tips to help remove pins. Spring bar tools that include a pin pusher and small fork on the tip can make removing hidden pins easier to manage.

Which Types of Accessories Are Available for Spring Bar Tools?

Repairing a watch band may require the use of more than just the link removal tool. Shoppers who want to take advantage of purchasing watch repair accessories may want to consider some of the following:

  • Tweezers: Tweezers made for watch strap repairs have small ends that help make getting into those tight spots easier during a repair, and thus minimise the risk of damage to watch bands.
  • Spring Bar Tips: Spring bar tools are durable, but should the tip break, there are a variety of spring bar replacement tips available to fit nearly any brand of spring bar tool.

Spring Bar Tool Kit: Spring bar tools kits are usually a good value for those who need to purchase a complete set of watch repair tools. In addition to the spring bar tool, many watch repair kits may include items like watch case openers, strap spring pins, tweezers and a watch case opener knife, among other items.

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