Squash and Racquetball Racquets

For anyone who loves to play Squash and Racquetball, you know that the racquets are an important aspect to the game. Having the right racquet for your type of swing and play is key when refining your techniques and strategy. A racquet should be comfortable and easy to use and doesn’t hinder how you hit the ball. If a racquet is too heavy, it may feel like you’re swinging a tree trunk and slow down the power behind your swing. If your racquet is too thin and light, you could have wild, unpredictable shots that are hard to control. There are many factors that go into finding the right racquetball and squash racquet including your swing speed, swing weight, balance, grip size and of course your price point and brand preference.

Squash and Racquetball Racquet Brands

Depending upon your style of play, there is a racquetball or squash racquet to match. Your racquet should support your strengths and amp up your weaknesses. There are some top brands that produce for most of the racquet sports. Dunlop, Prince, Wilson, Technifibre, and HEAD squash and racquetball racquets are all great quality branded offerings, offering a number of accessories as well.

Squash and Racquetball Racquet Accessories

Like with any sport and tennis in particular, a racquet is not a racquet without additional accessories that you can add. Additional squash and racquetball equipment include the grips, strings, covers and cases and dampeners. Regripping your racquet to suit your playing needs can greatly help your control and the durability of your racquet during playtime. Players that consistently play these sports, tend to restring their racquets at least once a year, which is why it is good to have a set of strings on-hand. Covers help protect your racquet from additional wear and tear when not using your racquet, and cases are a great option if you’re carrying around additional racquets, you can easily fit them all into one case. Dampeners are not necessary; however, these little guys help reduce the amount of vibration caused when striking the ball and allow you to have better control because of this. Not all players need every accessory but it is a good idea to know what is available for your sport.