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Srixon Golf Balls

Whether you are an amateur golfer or a seasoned pro, having confidence in your golf balls out on the green is essential. Using innovation and golf ball technology, Srixon is a global leader who produces golf balls suitable for beginners, avid players or touring players. Many touring professionals around the world trust Srixon as every ball design is of the highest quality for performance, durability and consistency.

Tour Performance

The Srixon Z-Star, Q-Star Tour and Z-Star XV are multi piece tour performance golf balls with a urethane cover. Each ball has greenside spin and flight and high approach. The Q-Star Tour is ideal for moderate swing players, launching higher with less spin on driver shots, without compromising greenside performance. If you are a higher swing player, you should choose from either the Z-Star or the Z-Star XV, depending on your trajectory and feel preferences.

2-Piece Performance

The 2-piece performance line consists of the Q-Star, Soft Feel and Soft Feel Lady, and they each offer a mix of feel, distance and greenside control. These models have a lower compression design and offer outstanding performance and tremendous value when comparing to other competing models.

Assorted Packs

If you are not sure which model is right for you, or you need some practise balls, purchasing a pack of Srixon assorted golf balls is a good choice. These packs contain balls of different grading systems and come either used or new in multiple quantities.

Colours and Personalisation

Finding your ball off the fairway or green is much easier with multiple colour options available for all models of Srixon golf balls, except for the Q Star Tour. Z-Star, Z-Star XV and Q-Star, which come in pure white or tour yellow. Soft Feel comes in tour yellow or soft white, and the Soft Feel Lady is available in passion pink or soft white. You can also apply your logo or initials to Srixon golf balls for a personal touch or brand awareness.