Stage Folding Screens & Backdrops

Set the scene with stage folding screens & backdrops

Stage lighting & effects can make or break a performance, and this starts with stage folding screens & backdrops. Before you buy, there are a few things that you should consider.


One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when purchasing stage folding screens & backdrops is the dimensions of your stage. The dimensions of backdrops can vary greatly, with some covering just a few metres and others stretching upwards of nine metres and beyond. You want to make sure that the width and height of the backdrop are large enough that they’ll spread across your stage without leaving any holes or spaces. If you want to use your folding screen or backdrop on multiple stages, then be sure to fit the backdrop to the largest stage.


Just like other stage lighting & effects, screens and backdrops require some assembly. To set up a backdrop that will allow the show to come to life, it needs to be neat and sturdy. That’s why it’s important to check which assembly parts are sold with the backdrop so you know exactly how the screen or backdrop will be assembled. While some stage folding screens & backdrops only require one person to set up, others might need a few extra hands so be sure you take into account how much effort the screen or backdrop requires to assemble.


Before buying your stage folding screens & backdrops, you’ll want to consider the colour that will best suit your needs. You’ll notice that most backdrops are made with black velvet. Black is great for providing a neutral background, allowing the action in the foreground to shine. Black will also allow your scenes and props to stand out. Other options include screens and backdrops with LED lights that can mimic a night sky, or you might also consider a classic white projection screen.

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