Stage Lighting Effects

Music may be what gets your audience out, but stage lighting effects help keep them up and dancing. Lighting units are just as important as musical instruments. If youre lighting a play, its the lighting that draws their attention where the director wants it. Lighting is a powerful tool, and its a craft you need to master to wow your audience.

DJ Lighting

Being able to add your own light show is a huge advantage for a DJ on the go. Pack up a single unit DJ lighting kit, and youre ready to go. With DMX gear you can control your lights right from the stage so its easy to add one more program to your repertoire.

Stage Lighting

Theatre stage lighting follows many of the same principles as DJ lighting but with one major exception: DJ lighting calls attention to itself, while theatre lighting calls attention to its subject. With single unit stage lighting, you have a bank of different lights that are all controlled together whether manually or through a separate controller. Bundle several together under a single controller and you can create any mood you want.

The LED Advantage

Just as performers want the best musical instruments, anyone using lights is going to want the best lighting and effects equipment. Going LED gives you the same kind of advantage a musician gets from pro audio equipment. LED lights are more flexible, use less power, and last longer than conventional bulbs. They also produce less heat.

Setting Up Lighting Units

You have three things to worry about when setting up lighting units; placement, heat, and power. The lights need to be where they can illuminate your desired subject, but they also need power to run. With LEDs, you can hook more lights to the same power point without overloading the circuit, so everything is easier. You can manage heat by keeping things away from the lights, but the less you have to worry about it, the better.