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Stained Glass Suncatchers and Mobiles

Stained glass suncatchers and mobiles provide a whimsical splash of colour to your home or garden. Some of them are made entirely of stained glass, and some of them are metal, plastic or stone suncatchers and mobiles that feature colourful stained glass accents. There are a variety of factory-produced and handmade stained glass suncatchers and mobiles available, so you can find one that complements your own personal aesthetic.

Hanging Stained Glass Mobiles

Hanging stained glass mobiles are available in indoor, outdoor or indoor-outdoor varieties. They feature multiple pieces of dangling stained glass attached to a central structure. They also have an in-built hook or loop at the top, which is what you use to suspend them. Most hanging stained glass mobiles feature a theme, such as a floral theme or animal theme.

Spinning Stained Glass Mobiles

Spinning stained glass mobiles are a specific type. They feature moving parts that allow the dangling pieces to revolve and spin around the central structure. These moving pieces create shifting points of colourful light and shadows. Some outdoor varieties spin with the force of the wind, others you push gently to initiate the spinning motion. There are even some electric mobiles that are propelled with a small motor.

Hanging Stained Glass Suncatchers

Hanging stained glass suncatchers feature a single piece of stained glass attached to a hook or loop. Some of these suncatchers are quite small with a total size of only a few centimetres, while others are large enough to take up an entire window. It is common to hang these suncatchers against a window or glass door so that they can catch plenty of sunlight as it comes into your home, casting colourful light on your floor and walls.

Stick-On Stained Glass Suncatchers

Stick-on stained glass suncatchers are designed to stick directly to a window or other glass surface. They feature a clear adhesive, and many of them are peel-and-stick. Some stick-on stained glass suncatchers are semi-permanent once placed on a surface, and others can easily be removed and moved to a different spot.

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