Stainless Steel Bar Flask

A stainless steel bar flask is an excellent way to carry a small amount of alcohol with you. Initially designed just to fit well within clothing, modern bar flasks manage to offer several additional features that make them even handler. Contemporary flasks have some much decoration and functionality, that they are even considered fashion accessories instead of barware.

How Much Alcohol Does a Flask Carry?

It really depends on the model itself. There are even stainless steel flasks manufacturers that create the same model with different capacity, ranging from 1 to 24 ounces. While the standard practical capacity is round 6 ounces, you can find models that carry up to 64 for comedic purposes.

What Kind of Special Features Should You Expect on a Hip Flask?

You can find all sorts of interesting features on a modern alcohol flask, including a built-in collapsible shot cup, models that double as cigarette cases or cigar-tubes and much more. Custom shapes go as far as imitating jerry cans and you can find all sorts of engraved flasks with your favourite drink, such as

As well as ones from other well-known brands.