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Stainless Steel Bicycle Water Bottles and Cages

Stainless Steel Bicycle Water Bottles and Cages

Staying hydrated on long rides is vital, as it allows you to feel good and get the most out of your workout. When training hard, you might not have time to stop in a roadside shop or get a bottle from your bag. Here, the special bottle cages that you can attach to your bike become handy. Your bicycle may already have one, or you can fit it yourself. Once you have the cage, get yourself a bicycle water bottle that fits inside the loop. Plastic bottles have long been in use in sports, but due to their many disadvantages, the stainless steel bicycle water bottles are slowly taking over.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Bottles

Many cyclists favour metal bottles over plastic ones due to the contamination that comes from plastic. Putting your food or drink in contact with plastic is generally not a good idea, and when riding for many hours, the bottle is also exposed to sunlight that can break down the material and leak small particles of plastic into your water. While plastic bottles can be BPA-free and therefore more or less harmless to your health, the water also tastes less pleasant in plastic.

Water Bottle Cages

Without a proper water bottle cage, there is no place to stick your bottle on your rides. Bottle cages fit most frames, and you could choose any model available. The cage can be from fibreglass, aluminium, carbon, plastic, or stainless steel. If you try to minimise your bicycles weight, choose lightweight carbon. Otherwise, the material does not really matter, and you can pick one that best fits the colour scheme of your bike. In terms of features, opt for a cage that provides a snug fit.

Bottle Features

The first and foremost feature to consider when choosing the bottle is its size. It needs to be small or big enough to fit inside the cage on your bike and hold enough water to satisfy you. Insulated stainless steel water bottles and cages are handy to have, as they keep your drink warm in winter and cold in summer, providing you just the drink you need.

Drinking from a Steel Bottle

Steel bottles have their advantages, but this material also makes it slightly more difficult to drink from the bottle. You can squeeze plastic bottles when riding and hydrate quickly, but this is impossible with metal. Some water bottles include a straw for easy drinking, while you could also opt for a stainless steel bottle or cage with a wide mouth to get lots of water with one sip.

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