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Choosing a Ceiling Fan

Whether used in combination with air conditioning, or simply used on their own, ceiling fans can make all the difference in that stifling summer heat. While ceiling fans don’t actually cool the air like an air conditioning unit would, they work instead to circulate the air to create a cooling breeze. But, with a variety of ceiling fan options available, which one is best? While aesthetics are important, it’s important to think about the ceiling fan’s functionality as well. That means looking at how well it works, what kind of settings it offers, and how much energy it uses.

Most buyers find that ceiling fans already installed tend to run on alternating current (AC). While these fans are usually more affordable, ceiling fans that use direct current (DC) can be offer better energy efficiency and an increased variety of settings. The more settings a ceiling fan has, the more control the user has over its functionality. Another important factor to consider is noise. Ceiling fans placed in the bedroom especially should be as quiet as possible, to allow for a peaceful night’s rest – not just a cool one.

Thinking About Design

Ceiling fans, by design, are fairly large and noticeable. For many buyers, the style of the fan will need to match the design of the room in which it will be placed. While most ceiling fans are made of wood, some are constructed using plastic, aluminium or stainless steel. A stainless steel ceiling fan can be the perfect choice within a modern room featuring contemporary design, offering much the same functionality as fans made with different materials. Stainless steel ceiling fans may also be easier to clean, but be aware they can be somewhat noisier than wood and plastic fans. To check out the stainless steel fan options – as well as other interior design essentials, such as lamps and lampshades – eBay is the place to be. Only a few clicks to cool!

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