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Stainless Steel Snap Hook Carabiners

Manufacturers first designed carabiners for gunmen, or German carbine riflemen, to attach items to their belts. This device generally uses stainless steel or aluminium and involves a spring latch closing mechanism that joins items. Most often, they are of a D, pear, or oval shape, and they're for attaching to other items while absorbing the bulk of the additional weight and pressure by itself, so they must be very strong and reliable.


Sizes of carabiner clips vary based on what you intend to do with them. As a general rule, larger carabiners hold larger loads, while smaller carabiners support less weight. The spring latch can either lock, have a safety clip, or be without any locking mechanism whatsoever. Material also plays a part in the type of carabiner. Aluminium is desirable because it is very light, while stainless steel is solid and heavy. Certain carabiners are for sports, while others are for keeping keys together. You should be certain of the type of carabiner you are using before you use it.

Traditional Usage

The traditional usage for carabiners largely relates to physical activity. Climbers use climbing carabiners along with ropes to scale rock formations; these often come with clear stamps indicating their relation to rock climbing. You can also find carabiners for sailing, hot air ballooning, whitewater rafting, and even aerobics. Not only that, but carabiners also appear in construction sites, window cleaning, and rescue. In all of these cases, it is incredibly important that you use the appropriate carabiner.

Unconventional Uses

People often use D-shaped carabiners to hold keys, as connecting them to this is much easier than connecting key rings together. Additionally, you can attach the carabiner with keys to your belt loop very easily, and it will remain securely in place. Clip carabiners can connect many items, so people will use them to hang purses on their closet rod, to organise their tools and hang them, and even to prevent cords from tangling.

Care and Maintenance

Since carabiners are often holding precious things, like people, regularly inspect and care for them. Any sign of corrosion or physical damage is an indication that the carabiner needs replacing. You can prevent corrosion by keeping the clip dry when you're not using it and by not subjecting it to harsh environmental factors. The clip is the weakest part of the carabiner, so you should test the clip before use to ensure it is reliable.

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