Stair Treads

For anyone who is a bit unsure of their footing on wood floors can appreciate any help from rugs to prevent falling or slipping. Stairs are a whole other obstacle, as they can be more treacherous and dangerous if you fall down them. Stair treads are a great way to prevent slips and falls by providing a level gripping surface on each of the stairs along with any landing that might be there. Treads come in all colours and styles and are able to fit on almost any stair. No matter what your home decor is, there is a stair tread that can match. These are also a cost efficient way to cover your stairs, as they are much less expensive than a full carpet runner. Additionally, many of these are machine washable. If you accidentally spill something on the tread or they get dirty, you can easily throw them in the washer and clean them.

Types of Stair Treads

There are a few different types of stair treads available including rubber treads that not only grip the stair but also provide a solid gripping surface to any shoe or foot. These are the most durable and can easily rinse off with water and a cloth. Other options include polyester stair treads, acrylic stair treads, and nylon stair treads. All of these are good for inside your home, as they provide an anti-slip surface and some cushioning to your stairs. You can find them in plain colours such as brown, black, beige or grey as well as traditional rug patterning. They are easy to clean and cheap enough that you can also buy back-up in case any of the treads are ruined. If taken care of properly, these should last for several years.

Other Anti-slip Stair Options

If you aren’t a fan of having an individual tread on each of your stairs and you want a continuous look of carpeting going up your stairs, a runner is your best bet. Carpet runners come in a wide variety of styles and colours as well as materials. They can come in the same materials found in treads but also wool and various blends. Carpet runners are padded and put together with a seamless look. You can customise them for your space and home no matter what type of staircase you have.