Stamp Publications

Stamp publications encompass a collection of stamps, usually grouped into a particular year and country of origin. These collector's items come in the form of a book and usually publish in a catalogue format. Stamp publications are popular in countries including Australian, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and they make great collectors’ items for stamp enthusiasts or an easy way to look back and appreciate the stamps that came out in a year.

New Stamp Publications

The Australian Post and other international postal services release their postal stamp publication each year as a way to showcase the range of stamps released throughout the year. There are other famous historic publishing houses who compile the most recent year of stamps in one collection, without necessarily focusing on a particular country. Some stamp publications might present new stamps with the old in their collections, but most commonly these publications focus on just one year.

Australian Stamp Publications

Australian stamps are loved among collectors, and each year the Australia Post releases their official stamp accessories and publications. Other famous historical publishers like Renniks also distribute catalogues of stamps from Australia and during different periods. The Australian and Australian Territories stamp programs are varied and fascinating, which makes them ideal for a publication.

International Stamp Publications

In addition to the Australian stamp publications, there are other countries with colourful and diverse histories of stamps to present. Countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand have stamp programs that feature in many publications and are loved by stamp collectors and appreciators alike.

Vintage Stamp Publications

As stamp collectors usually catalogue their own collection in a particular way, these publications act as a guide for all of the stamps with an official release, compiled in an easy to read list with images. There are vintage stamp publications dating back to the early 1900's for Australian stamps, and other countries dating back even further. A vintage stamp publication might not have necessarily seen publication in the past, but instead feature stamps that are of vintage status, so the term can vary somewhat.