Stamping Supplies

Stamping is a fun hobby that allows you to add a fun, decorative enhancement to a wide variety of objects and materials. Many people implement stamping as part of their scrapbooking process while others use stamps on their stationary or even use them to decorate vases or pottery. Some of the most important stamping supplies include the stamps themselves as well as an ink pad and stamping ink.

Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are the most common type of stamps. They come in a vast array of different styles. You can find them with lettering, pictures of plants and animals, or with abstract decorative patterns. They also come in a variety of sizes ranging from one or two centimetres across to large enough to cover an entire sheet of paper with a single stamp. Rubber stamps are known for their durability and longevity and they are designed to be washed and reused many times.

Self Inking Stamps

Self-inking stamps feature a reservoir of ink within the stamp itself and a small amount of ink is released as the stamp is pressed down. This type of stamp is a good choice for those who want to apply many stamps in a short amount of time. Self inking stamps most commonly come with black, blue or red ink.

Ink Pads

Craft stamping pads hold the ink that is used with stamps that are not self-inking. The stamp is placed on the pad and it can then be stamped onto a piece of paper or other object. Ink pads come in a wide variety of colours. Some of them are single use and some are designed to be refilled when they run out of ink.

Ink Refills

Refills of craft stamping ink are very important for those with reusable ink pads. These refills allow you to add more ink to the pad as it runs low. Most of these inks come in a squeeze bottle or other type of resealable container. You can even mix some of these inks to create your own customised colours.