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What do you need to know to start a stamp collection?
Collecting stamps is an easy hobby to start. Budding philatelists just need a few simple tools and they can start collecting.
Stamp collectors need to arm themselves with a stamp album and stamp tongs. Stamp tongs look like tweezers, but are weaker and smoother, with rounded tips to prevent damaging the stamps. Stamp albums are either bound or loose leaf, with the latter allowing the stamp collector to insert and remove pages as required. A magnifying glass can also be a handy tool, allowing collectors to see the finer details of each stamp.
eBay has a wide range of stamps for stamp collectors, including bags of mixed stamps, collector’s edition stamps, antique stamps and rare stamps. Stamp collectors can also find stamp albums, mounts and hinges, and stamp tongs.
What’s the best way to store stamps?
A stamp album is usually the best way to store stamps, as it can keep the stamps protected, while keeping them organised. A stamp album also allows the stamp collector to view their stamps without having to touch them.
Mounting stamps on paper can offer the collector more freedom in organising the collection. A loose leaf album can also allow the collector to add, remove and move pages within the album as the collection grows. It can be a nice idea to label each stamp – without writing on the stamp itself – noting when and why it was issued, and any other distinguishing details.
If the album has stamp storage on both sides of the page, be sure to separate each sheet with plastic. This is especially important with expensive stamps, rare stamps and antique stamps, as it can prevent them from rubbing together, wearing and tearing. Use plastic made of mylar, polyethylene or polypropylene, but not vinyl. It’s also recommended to keep the collection away from bright light, humidity and damp.