Get steamy with a steam shower

There’s one thing better than a long, hot bath or shower at the end of a gruelling day. A steam shower!

Maybe you’ve spent the day cooped up behind a desk or the wheel of a vehicle. Or perhaps you’ve been pounding your muscles at the gym or on the jobsite. Regardless, your body probably feels worse for wear and in need of a well-deserved treat. Give yourself the spa treatment you deserve with a steam shower.

What is a steam shower?

A steam shower is a type of bathing cubicle that contains a humidifying steam generator. This device creates water vapour that is projected around the cubicle and around the occupant’s body. In short, a steam shower is like a steam room but with all the same features as your typical at-home shower.

Fact: A steamed bathroom is designed specifically for steam showers. Next time you’re renovating, you might want to consider a steamed bathroom. It has all the steam shower features built-in so you don’t have to fuss with clunky generators.

What are the benefits of a steam shower?

Steam showering has innumerable benefits. For example, the warmth of a steam shower assists in opening your capillaries and, in turn, increasing blood flow. This helps to relax your muscles and ease any tightness or soreness. It can also help improve blood circulation. 

Other benefits of steam showering include:

  • Stress relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Alleviation of congestion (from colds or allergies)

Can a steam shower be used as a regular shower?

A steam shower can be used in place of a regular shower. In a steam shower you can wash and scrub in all the same ways you’re used to. However, it is best to only steam shower a few times per week. In theory, a healthy person can steam shower every day, worry-free. But many people have underlying health conditions, such as heart conditions, that can be worsened with too much steam showering.

How can you steam shower at home?

If you don’t want to install a full steam shower but still want to get all the steamy benefits, don’t worry. You can add a steam generator into your existing shower, without the need to make plumbing changes. To make things even easier, you can install steam shower kits and steam shower heads yourself as well.