Steel Blue

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Steel Blue Boots for Men

Walk a kilometre or 20 in men's Steel Blue boots that are certain to keep up with any punishing pace you set without coming apart. From 1995, Australian master bootmaker Steel Blue has strived to create the safest pair of work boots in the world, offering 100 per cent comfort guaranteed with every pair. Steel Blue boots are also endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association as products that offer a direct health benefit because they reduce the risk of stress-related injuries to the body.

Types of Men's Steel Blue Boots

Steel Blue practical work boots come in either ankle or high boot designs. For trails full of grass, mud and stone, ankle-high hiking boots with padded collars, flexible soles and a tongue are ideal. High-cut boots have stiffer midsoles that provide better ankle support, and thus, enhance your balance.

Types of Steel Blue Boot Fastenings

When tied correctly, Steel Blue lace-up boots offer the most secure fastening, as the laces do not come undone without interference from you. Thus, they are suitable for environments that pose a great danger to your feet, such as when working at a chemical factory. On the other hand, pull-on elastic-sided boots still offer a level of protection for your feet, but are easy to put on and take off quickly.

Steel Blue Boots Safety Features

Look for men's boots with safety features that enhance your protection while at work, such as chemical resistance or oil resistance. The Steel Blue composite toe is metal-free, making boots lighter in weight, free of rust and checkpoint-friendly. Waterproof boots shield your feet from puddles and raindrops, while penetration-resistant boots have a steel plate inserted in their soles to protect your feet from sharp objects.

Men's Steel Blue Boots Construction

Men's Steel Blue boots are crafted from premium-quality materials, such as cowhide, Nubuck and canvas. Steel Blue leather work boots are not only durable, but offer resistance to abrasion and moisture. With durable soles, quality finishes and polyurethane footbeds that retain their shape for the life of the boots, these boots offer lasting use without any compromise on comfort.