Steel Hooks & Hangers

Steel Hooks and Hangers

Using steel hooks and hangers ensures you have plenty of spots to store handbags, jackets and even towels. These handy hooks install easily and go anywhere in your home where you need additional storage, whether its a childs playroom or an entryway. Hooks and hangers come in many sizes and styles to meet your needs, and the durable material means hooks wont bend or break easily.


Hang magnetic hooks on a refrigerator, file cabinet or any other metal surface for an instant place to hang items. Hook magnets look small but they come in different designs that can hold large amounts of weight. Perfect for the classroom or office, magnetic hooks and hangers keep your keys close by, hold your coat or provide the perfect place for an umbrella. Affordable and simple to use, the strong magnets make it easy for you to put a sturdy steel hook just about anywhere.

Over-Door Hooks

Keep your robe at the ready with an over-door hook that simply slides over the bathroom door. These hooks require no additional equipment to install, and have an elongated shape that fits perfectly along the top of a door. Avoid putting nails in the wall when you slide these easy hooks on instead. Perfect for a jacket, garments or even jewellery or purses, over-door hooks come in handy in the pantry, bathroom, kitchen or bedrooms to provide storage. Another over-door hooks to look into include scarf hangers as well as rails that install over the door.


Your landlord may not like it if you hammer hooks into your wall, so use adhesive styles instead. Made with high-tech adhesive material that anchors firmly to multiple types of surfaces, these hooks wont leave residue behind when youre ready to remove them. Perfect for the shower, holding your keys, or grabbing cooking utensils or jackets, adhesive hooks give you the versatility you need to put a hanger just about anywhere in your home. For small spaces that dont have many storage options, such as dorm rooms or studio apartments, adhesive hooks work wonders and let you keep necessary items on hand as you desire.

Wall-Mounted Hooks

Steel wall-mounted hooks typically install into the wall since they hold more weight than other types. These bar hooks typically offer not just one hanger but multiple hooks to hang items, and work well for any room or purpose. Crafted from strong steel, mountable hooks come in either individual designs or bar options that feature a line of many hooks together. Make space in a closet, create an impromptu coat rack or hang your familys towels up without taking up space in the closet or on the floor. Keep your home or office clean and tidy and reduce clutter by giving people spots to store items.